Introduction Setsu in 369 room



Year: 1952
Genre: Drama
Country: Japan
Directed by: Akira Kurosawa
Cast: Takashi Shimura, Shinichi Himori, Haruo Tanaka, Minoru Chiaki, Miki Odagiri, Bokuzen Hidari, Minosuke Yamada, Kamatari Fujiwara, Makoto Kobori, Nobuo Kaneko, Nobuo Nakamura, Atsushi Watanabe, Isao Kimura, Masao Shimizu, Yûnosuke Itô

Life Lesson
People learn the truth once they sense their own fate.

The spirit of Akira Kurosawa perseveres through KOBAYASHI Bros' Passion.

Director Kobayashi Bros. (Katsuto and Kenji), self-acknowledging to inherit director Akira Kurosawa's spirit, present their film "The Neighbor." Originally released in one mini theater in 2011, this film was highly appraised by many for its ability to inspire and led to its expanded cinema-complex run. The idea for "The Neighbor" came to fruition through Akira Kurosawa's masterpiece "IKIRU" and has been created as its modern representation. For this theatrical run in Los Angeles, these films will be released simultaneously and our purpose is to think and address a universal theme that has remained unchanged, even after 60 years. "The Neighbor" was created during incessantly changing times and the message it has inherited and carries, along with a unique authorship, is something we want to share with audiences everywhere.

The reproduction of the love described by lonely people in Tokyo.

The film’s executive producer and co-director, KOBAYASHI Kenji, founded his production company, JungleWalk, in September 2004. He hopes the company will enable filmmakers to preserve their vision from development and production through distribution. The difficult challenge of maintaining that stance in today’s film business is what inspired the company name, JungleWalk.

The Neighbor marks the first feature film by the Kobayashi Brothers. It was entirely self-funded, and the brothers shared development, screenwriting, directing and editing duties. They seek to continue creating films with universal themes and strong storytelling.

OGAKI Tomoya | ABE Yuriko | BEPPU Ayumi | HIYORI Yuki | YANAI Ryunosuke | NAKANO Seiya | KAMIYAMA Hiroshi | KONO Masaaki
Written, Edited and Directed by KOBAYASHI Katsuto, KOBAYASHI Kenji
Cinematography : KUROISHI Nobuhiro Lighting : HIURA Masanori Sound : HARASHINAI Toshihiko Production Design : KOBAYASHI Minoru Composer : AOI Yoshiki
Executive Producer : KOBAYASHI Kenji Producers : USUKI Masataka , KITAMURA Keiko Production Company : JungleWalk Co.,Ltd
2009 / Japan / 105min / Color / 1:1.85 / DTS STEREO / Japanese
(C) 2011 JungleWalk Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. / (C) 2011 Toho Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. /“IKIRU” Distribute by Janus Films
Copyright (c) 2010 Junglewalk Co., Ltd.